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Voice of the people: Barbara Cantrell




Open letter to Chris McDaniel 


Deal with it, Chris. The majority of the good citizens of Mississippi honestly do not want you to represent them in Washington. Maybe there were some voting irregularities in the run-off election. Maybe that was their way of saying no to you. I personally was not able to vote in the general election, but you can bet your sweet patooty I was elated to learn I could vote in the runoff and did so. 


Another member of my household was not able to vote in the general but also went to the polls June 24. That may be the case in a lot of the votes that cost you the election. And as for the ones that are in question or "illegal," the voters are sending a message: They do not want you to go to Washington as their senator! 


Perhaps they were not necessarily voting for Cochran but against you.  


During your campaign, all I could hear was how you were going to abolish "Obamacare, lower taxes and other national issues; I heard very little from you about how you were going to help Mississippians. I also was quite concerned about the financial assistance you may have received for your campaign. Just how much of it was from out of state -- people that have no interest in Mississippi but in their own agenda, or vision for the whole nation?  


You have a whole two years experience in our Legislature with one of the poorest voting records in the history of that body. I really do not see how you can justify that as qualification for you to go to Washington and take care of business the way it should to be, considering the political environment in Congress.  


Through it all, our current senators and representatives have continued to deliver to their state. The experience and seniority they have earned is of great benefit to all the citizens of this state. Mississippi is finally seeing daylight at the end of a very long tunnel of economic depression for so many.  


I believe, were there another election held today, you would lose by a much greater margin than you did on June 24. This belief is formed from observation of the actions you have taken since the run-off election. Face it, you have lost twice and yet you still refuse to believe the people of this state have spoken. You obviously have an overblown ego and just cannot accept your defeat graciously. You would think that you would have learned one thing: Mississippians do not like dirty politics and poor losers.  


Barbara Cantrell 


Caledonia MS



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