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Voice of the people: Why not look into privatization?




After reading the editorial about privatizing Public Works in The Dispatch Thursday I'm still asking myself, "Why in the world did David Armstrong suggest a tax increase was inevitable and why would he not want to allow the company to do an audit, free of charge to us, in order to advise us on whether it would be a money saving move or not? Then what was more puzzling, after the council voted, the mayor had to vote again to break a tie because three were for it and three were against it. 


The Mayor voted against the proposal to look into the possibilities of privatization. Don't know about you but I get the impression that those four "no " votes is like saying " we agree with David Armstrong and we will vote "yes" for his suggested tax increase. Common sense tells me that voting against that proposal is wrong and should be reconsidered asap. I think every tax paying citizen of Columbus, except for David Armstrong, the three councilmen and the mayor would agree with every word in The Dispatch editorial and with the three Councilmen who voted in favor of the proposal.  


But still, our employee, as I understand it suggested that a tax increase could not be prevented and the company's audit would be a waste of time even though the privatization concept is proven to save millions in several cities in MS and 11 other states.  


Please call your councilman, the Mayor and David Armstrong and demand they allow Utility Partners do an audit asap at no cost to us to determine which is the best way for us to go. Thank you very much. 


Raymond Gross 





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