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It wasn't the tree 


Naughty tree, shame! Cutting down a tree because three people died after hitting it is nothing short of people typically shifting blame from the real cause of those tragic deaths, distracted driving, and not wearing seat belts. It happens. Mr. Burns, to blame a tree? Really? The tree didn't kill them. Yes, it was close to the road as are most of the trees on Officer's Lake Road, as well as the power poles, but it was on the opposite side. It didn't all of a sudden jump out in front of them. I rather marveled at it that it withstood the impacts of not one but two vehicles hitting it, with minimal damage. It had never been hit before, so why now was it deemed a killer tree? The tree should have remained, with it's memorials as a reminder for others to slow down and respect the dark, curvy, tree-lined road. 


Mississippi roads are narrow with no shoulders, usually flanked by deep bar ditched or trees, and there's no grace if you're not paying attention. That road is known to be used at night by those who want to avoid police detection, so maybe patrolling it would be more helpful than cutting down trees. Put reflectors on the trees. Patrol the road, as that might save someone else from becoming a victim of a killer tree. 


Robin Thompson  





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