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Voice of the people: Saul Vydas M.D.




Surveillance concerns 


I was happy to learn from a front-page article in a recent issue of The Commercial Dispatch that we in Columbus will be embracing a new technology of having our presumably impulsive and, at times, supposedly inappropriate police, under continuous surveillance by cameras and audio recorders. Such second-by-second control will eliminate any need to depend on the officer's own apparently incomplete training, self-control and integrity. Burdensome supervision and the need for messy investigations will also disappear, thus solving numerous administrative headaches. 


I only pray that such advantages are not limited to police work. Who is to say that medicine, nursing and teaching, to name just a few, are less important and less deserving of continuous recording by cameras fastened to the person's glasses or elsewhere? Let us fully embrace this wonderful new technology. 


What about the right of freedom from surveillance except as permitted by a court, you ask? Do not be so old-fashioned, or you will be labeled a fuddy-duddy and an obstructionist preventing Columbus from marching happily to the conflict-free, perfectly safe, 1984. 


Saul Vydas M.D. 





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