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Too many ‘alpha dogs’




The hoopla surrounding the MUW controversy and Burns Bottom has really gotten old. It''s like going past a wreck on the highway. You''re sorry it''s happened/happening; you don''t want to look, but you can''t help yourself. 


Everyone concerned about MUW needs to realize that saving the school is the only important thing. Having it done my way or no way won''t work. 


Someone compared the situation to Mary Holmes College in West Point. If MUW does close you will see Joe Higgins trying to market the historic buildings as office space. By the way, it is an historical, not a historical. 


Everyone who has written letters pro or con on consolidation, merging, closing, changing the name or whatever has written passionately about their views. Some have been articulate and well thought out. Others should have been proof-read first. When someone argues a point concerning a university, it would be well if they used correct grammar and word usage.  


I have seen want for won''t, your for you''re, there for their, and pronoun mis-use as well. Even supposedly educated speakers don''t know when to use I or me among other pronouns. People will use "I" trying to sound correct but are wrong. HINT: Drop the other noun or pronoun and see if the sentence sounds correct. Even so, some people will still get it wrong. 


Even when this is a done-and-over deal, some will still complain long and loud because their way didn''t prevail. I would like to see The W stay as it is, but I don''t have a dog in this hunt, just an opinion. 


On Burns Bottom: What is so whoop-te-do about a soccer field anyway? To me, soccer is a pretentious sport. That''s something you pretend to like so others will think you''re sophisticated. What happened to the other arenas for football, baseball, and basketball? I understand that there is some contention about which public parks get built or renovated first, or at all. 


Some want the historically black parks fixed up first, by golly, or it''s a no-show! OK. Do it that way. Take pictures weekly showing how well or poorly the parks are appreciated by the users. Then there will be proof of why it is a waste of money to give some people something nice, or not. Just get off the pot and get ''er done. 


Columbus and Lowndes County are suffering because too many alpha dogs want to be in charge. It doesn''t matter who is running the show if nothing good gets done. Not everyone can be the Indian chief or sing lead in the rock-n-roll band. Some have to be the warriors who get things done and some have to sing backup and harmony. Some bands alternate the lead position. Come on Columbus/Lowndes County. You can do better than this. 


Cameron Triplett, Brooksville 




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Reader Comments

Article Comment ex-teacher commented at 11/29/2009 10:55:00 AM:

I agree about the errors in many letters supporting The W, Mr. Triplett, but wanted to remind you, since you were in a teaching mode, that "someone" is singular; therefore, its antecedent should be "he or she", not "they" (in your 4th paragraph).


Article Comment Kristin commented at 11/30/2009 11:18:00 AM:

According to AP Style rules, "a historic event" or "a historical event" are correct phrases.


Article Comment Rayford commented at 11/30/2009 12:25:00 PM:

Although I very much agree with you that many of the comment writers here destroy their own credibility with spelling and grammar errors, you are yourself wrong about using "an" before the word historic.

From the book: "Common Errors in English Usage"

You should use "an" before a word beginning with an "H" only if the "H" is not pronounced: "an honest effort"; it's properly "a historic event"


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