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Mr. Brooks goes to Washington




In the "From Our Web Site" column In the Jan. 5 Commercial Dispatch, there is a "Supervisor angles for money for rural parks - 1/2/2010" article from "Walter." Walter touts all the many strengths of Mr. Brooks and how he "single-handedly" battles against all others for his constituents; etc, etc, etc, etc, and oh well, let''s do another etc. 


Mr. Brooks is that good! If I didn''t know any better, I would almost be willing to bet that the article was written by Mr. Brooks. One thing I do agree with, is that even I would vote to send Mr. Brooks to Washington. There, he can make a spectacle of himself on a much higher level. With some of the folks that we have in Washington now; Mr. Brooks might even be an improvement. 


Rick Love, Columbus



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Article Comment walter commented at 1/8/2010 12:45:00 PM:

Although I'm not Mr. Brooks' campaign manager or advisor and perhaps would approach the position slightly differently, in terms of verbal discourse with colleagues and public comments, without a doubt, Leroy would represent the district in Congress as well, or better than anyone, to ever hold the office.

As a politician, his approach to issues is calibrated to produce results. He knows the arena in which he is forced to operate and he also knows the strengths and weaknesses of those who oppose him and his constituents.

I have every reason to believe that when he is elected to congress, if more people put aside their prejudices, he'll conduct himself, and the business of the district, with the dignity and decorum demanded of a congressman, unlike the one who used the chambers to call our recently elected President of color, "a liar."

Forget for a moment, if you can, Mr. Brooks' antics in Columbus. Rremember, he's at home and we tend to do and say things at home among family and friends that we wouldn't even consider doing away. In Washington, Mr. Brooks would reflect the cordiality and dignified character of the Southern Gentleman that he is. Mind you, he's nobody's fool and he knows Roberts' Rules of Law and is politically astute as any politician the state has ever produced. If he fights for the district in D.C. with the same tenacity with which he fights on behalf of his constituents in his supervisory district, then you can bet your bottom dollar, the congressional district that wisely sends him to Washington will soon see him bringing home the bacon that it should have been receiving all of these years, but not.

From personal experience, I know that we aren't always what others make us out to be. We aren't nearly as simple-minded or unconscious as they think or hope. We have the capacity to adjust to our circumstances and take a blow. And, when we're really smart, we assess, reflect, draw valid conclusions, then come back stronger and often with allies who are fully informed of all relevant information and evidence. Leroy is such a person and you seriously under-estimate him, maybe at your own peril, if you persist in seeing him as you do.


Article Comment JIMMY WILLIAMS commented at 1/9/2010 4:10:00 PM:

I think we should pitch in and send Leroy Brooks to Washington,a one way ticket to Washington state.


Article Comment Bubba Gump commented at 1/10/2010 10:03:00 PM:

Walter, do you purchase your pot on the streets or grow your own?


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