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The devastation in Haiti




With heartbreaking scenes of Haiti everywhere on TV, once again certain televangelists have opened their mouths and spoken hurtful opinions by saying that Haiti brought this on themselves. Seems according to this one major evangelist, Haiti made a deal with the devil in the 1700''s so they could overcome the French and be their own sovereign nation. Maybe they did and maybe they didn''t, I don''t know since I wasn''t around. 


I do know one darling missionary lady here in Columbus who has been going to Haiti and ministering to the people there for years. Many she has ministered to became followers of Jesus. She loves these people dearly with the love God put in her heart for them. But then what a contrast since according to Mr. Evangelist, God must like the scene and smell of dead children, men, women, and old people since "they brought this on themselves." Hmmm......well that is not the God I know, nor would I want to.  


Must be nice to sit in judgment as God''s "official" mouthpiece. Seems the guy said the same thing when Katrina hit. If God is really like that then Jesus could have used the wood He was sacrificed on for a cookout instead. How ridiculous.  


We are no better than these poor souls who are suffering in ways we cannot imagine. Survivors of Katrina can understand far better than I. President Obama said, "But for the grace of God that could be us." 


God desires mercy Mr. Evangelist. Your kids and grandkids are alive and well, you will have a very fancy house to go home to, expensive clothes and all the health food you want and maybe someone will play the violin for you while the world suffers. 


Deborah Walk, Columbus 




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Reader Comments

Article Comment melody commented at 1/15/2010 11:08:00 PM:

Your letter is a typical take of a left winger. Not quite as bad as Keith Oberman who called the good Dr. names I won't repeat. You have put words in the Dr.'s mouth. Some might say, you lied. He did not say the people of Haiti brought this on themselves. Do some research before pointing that long finger, ok.
He was referring to the Boukman Contract.
...On the night of August 14, 1791, the slaves sealed that unity in a ceremony held in the woods at Bois Caiman, not too far from Cap-Haitien. A pig was slaughtered, and all of those present drank of the blood of that pig and together pledged 200 years of service to the spirits of the island in exchange for victory over the French. An iron statue of a pig sits in Port-au-Prince to commemorate that event...

...On 14 August 1791, a black slave and witch doctor named Boukman led the slaves in a voodoo ritual. They sacrificed a pig and drank its blood to form a pact with the devil, whereby they agreed to serve the spirits of the island for 200 years in exchange for freedom from the French. The slave rebellion commenced on 22 August 1791, and after 13 years of conflict, the slaves won t
heir independence. On 1 January 1804 they declared Haiti the world's first independent black republic. An iron statue of a pig stands in Port-au-Prince to commemorate the "Boukman Contract"....

Source: Elizabeth Kendal, Conference Moderator ,
Now if you will go to the web and watch the video of what Dr. Rob said, you will notice at the end of his comments that he is praying for a revial in Haiti and that good things will result from this tragedy. If you don't have the decency to check it out, it's not my fault.


Article Comment JC commented at 1/16/2010 10:16:00 AM:

Anybody who believes an entire country can enter into a contract with a non-existent supernatural being has got bats in their belfry. Pat Robertson certainly falls into that category.


Article Comment dale commented at 1/16/2010 10:59:00 AM:

Which God do you serve? Is He the one who said to judge not your brother? Is He the one who said , if you're not for me you are against me? And on judgement day say to you , depart from me I never knew you? Then cast you into a place meant for satan and his followers to be punished by hell fire for eternity? Isn't He the one who allowed the devil to torment Job?
The truth is, a majority of people on Haiti deal in voodoo which is a cult and against the God you serve. Our God doesn't force Himself on anyone and allows the rain to fall on the just and the unjust. The devil goes around like a roaring lion seeking all he may destroy. So , what is your thoughts on why this tragedy came about? Don't forget Sodom. Tell us more about the God you know, ok. Is it He who inspired you to talk about a good conservative leader in our country and not the super liberals like Danny Glover and BO who is the worst person to ever stay in the whitehouse? I pray that we can survive his administration, don;t you? We await your letter of condemnation on Glover's comments.


Article Comment gogetum commented at 1/16/2010 11:16:00 AM:

Hey JC, have you taken your medicine today? Pay more attention next time so not to overdose. Surely you are not in your right mind saying there is no god or devil. Get back to us when you come to your senses?


Article Comment bear commented at 1/16/2010 1:55:00 PM:

JC, there is a devil, and you are him. Seriously, I challenge you to a meeting of minds, anytime, anyplace. First round's on me. Let me know when you can take time away from bowing before the Olberman/Stewart alter. Anytime, anyplace.


Article Comment deb commented at 1/17/2010 12:20:00 PM:

I watched Mr. Robertson's spoken views for myself. As for judging well, he did it himself. I gave my opinion as you gave yours. There are many Christians in Haiti as well. I believe the rain falls on the just and the unjust. Haven't heard Mr. Glovers statements. Try to remember that Jesus Himself called the "religious" people to the mat on things they were doing and saying that did not represent His Father's Heart. The God I know is in the midst of the pain and suffering in Haiti because He loves the whole world not just our corner of it. That is why He is God and we are not thank goodness. As for Mr. Obama thanks but I voted for McCain. Mr. Robertson has in the past made hurtful ridiculous statements that do not show the love of God in catastrophes. Doesn't mean he hasn't done good, of course he has, but there is a time to speak the things he said and a time not to. Now is not the time. These people are hurting and they need to be ministered to and shown the Heart of God. Remember when one of Jesus' followers wanted to call down judgement on some people and He was reprimanded by Jesus Himself. I am saying the statements were hurtful and wrong in my view. You say mine are wrong....that is ok with me. But if I am judging then so are you..


Article Comment melody commented at 1/17/2010 2:10:00 PM:

Can't hardly believe you haven't heard the statement of the Glover guy. Still waiting your condemnation of him.
More typical comeback about others judgements making your judgement of Dr. Rob justifiable. Too bad. If it's in black and white why not just say you were wrong in what you said?? It was more than your opinion ---you flat misquoted him.
It is the voo-doo cult who put curses on people and that's what the good Dr was referring to . He did not say that our God put a curse on them.
Thank the Lord for the evangelist who go to Haiti to win souls and lead them to Jesus.


Article Comment Elsie commented at 1/17/2010 11:16:00 PM:

This beautiful story of Haiti was written by Elsie


Article Comment deb commented at 1/18/2010 11:30:00 AM:

Thank you so much Elsie, with tears, I bless you send you my love and send my prayers before God. You said so beautifully what I cannot. May the peace of God be with you and may He rise over Haiti and all these beautiful people with healing in His heart breaks for Haiti.....The majority of Haiti is Catholic and many have been found with their rosaries in their hands. My heart is broken for you but I hold to my belief that Jesus the light, the eternal Shepherd, the Eternal God who died with arms stretched wide for the whole world will not forsake you and He Himself will raise you up and send His people to bind the wounds.....Much love to you......


Article Comment JC commented at 1/18/2010 4:05:00 PM:

I see "Dr." Robertson isn't the only one with bats in his belfry.


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