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Voice of the people: Infrastructure initiative deserves support




Mississippi's transportation system is a vital part of our state's economy. It is one of the key factors when industry is looking to locate in our state. Not only is it important for economic development and moving goods and commerce but, more importantly, the safety of the traveling public. In 1987, the Legislature passed a comprehensive four-lane highway program that drastically improved the economic development we are enjoying today. It also improved the safety of motorists. Today we are facing the crisis of crumbling roads and failing bridges. If this is problem is not addressed very soon, there will be a significant, negative impact on our state's economy and compromise the safety of motorists traveling our roads. 


"Excelerate Mississippi" is an initiative led by the Mississippi Economic Council. This initiative will increase funding for our state and local roads and bridges. With this additional funding, MDOT and local municipalities can begin the monumental task of repairing and rebuilding our roads and bridges. The Legislature must act on this initiative in order for it to become a reality. If nothing is done, our system will continue to deteriorate thus costing taxpayers more in the long run. Mississippians cannot afford to wait. I strongly encourage you to contact your state representative and senator and express your support for this much needed legislation. To learn more about "Excelerate Mississippi", visit 


Bob Phillips 




Editor's note: The writer is affiliated with Phillips Contracting Inc., a Columbus-based road construction company. 




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