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Voice of the people: Frances Evans Rogers




The preservation of Riverview 


The article on the sale of Riverview was of great interest to me (Historic Columbus mansion gets new owner, Wednesday, May 25). If I may, I'd like to offer a clarification. 


My grandmother, Mrs. Pratt (Frances) Thomas bought and restored Riverview to save the historic home from being demolished. My grandparents resided across the street in our family's historic home, the Pratt Thomas Home. In fact, as a child, it was wonderful to climb the stairs of Riverview to the appreciate the beauty of Columbus and the river through the windows that signify the colors of winter, spring, summer, and fall.  


Thankfully, the home has a new owner, and it sounds like it will be restored and honored as one of the crown jewels of Columbus. 


Historic preservation was my grandmother's care and concern and Columbus is a greater place due to her love for the "Friendly City." 


Frances Evans Rogers 


Dallas, Texas



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