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Women needed in city hall




I think it was president Harry Truman who said "If you can''t stand the heat--get out of the kitchen." It seems some of our elected officials continue to behave in an uncivilized manner and bring shame on our city. With the Internet being worldwide, I can just imagine how captains of industry are wondering about selecting our area for economic development about now.  


I would like to see the vice-mayor elevated immediately until all of the city hall "heat" calms down. And--for what it is worth--I took a poll over my backyard fence this morning and some of us have come up with some names of lovely Columbus ladies who would never succumb to the heat in the kitchen. We "brainstormed" and came up with three names for possible candidates for our next mayor right off the top of our heads--Nancy Carpenter, Whirlie Bird and Nan Lott.  


I am sure your readers can come up with others. It''s time for some dignified change in Columbus and I for one hope some of these ladies or others step up to the bat. The boys need to be sent to the dugout for some lessons in manners and anger management--and for that--I suggest Dr Saul Vydas and Dr. Walt Porter and Mother Goose. Columbus deserves better and we the people need to stand up and be counted now.  


Brenda Caradine, Columbus



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Article Comment Women Rule commented at 4/5/2010 2:12:00 PM:

We think Lisa Younger would be a fine job as Mayor.


Article Comment fan club commented at 4/5/2010 4:35:00 PM:

Go LISA> We love you. Your fan club.


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