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Airing ‘dirty laundry’




Re: Steve Mullen''s column, "Pardon our progress ..." 


As a lifelong resident of Columbus, I took offense to your article where you clearly pointed out some of the biggest flaws of Columbus. And timing the article on the opening day of Pilgrimage when we have many visitors in our town was ridiculous. I served as a hostess in one of the Pilgrimage homes yesterday and the visitors from out of town were very complimentary on our beautiful town and the hospitality they had received since arriving. I feel certain that, if they chose to read our local paper yesterday and your column, they were probably disappointed and felt disillusioned by the charm of our town.  


I realize we have issues here. Big issues. What town does not? But airing our dirty laundry in the local paper by the editor doesn''t further the good of our city and certainly doesn''t promote unity amongst the citizens. I realize you are a transplant and have not loved it here - that''s been apparent in your column. But please don''t use your position as editor to promote hopelessness and bleakness in our community.  


I was most offended by this statement: "Please don''t ask where the bridge goes. No one wants to go there, on foot or otherwise" 


I live on the island. There are probably 20-25 residential homes on the island and several large industries. For you to suggest the island is undesirable is appalling and unprofessional. 


Mary Margaret Swedenburg, Columbus 




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Reader Comments

Article Comment Possum Town Native commented at 4/9/2010 9:29:00 PM:

I couldn't agree more. I can't wait to come home this weekend... and yes, I'll be visiting The Island---can't wait!


Article Comment resident commented at 4/9/2010 10:01:00 PM:

Mary Margaret, ignoring your dirty laundry sitting in the corner won't get it washed. Columbus has spent a lifetime ignoring their laundry and it is finally coming home to roost.

Also, if you don't want anyone to know you are a pig, then either stay home or take a bath, but to stand there will all of your filth and proclaim it isn't you that stinks only works in YOUR head. The rest of us can smell it.


Article Comment Lee Norris commented at 4/9/2010 11:03:00 PM:

Dear Commercial Dispatch,
Giving a personal attack to someone who took the time to write a Letter to the Editor should not be tolerated. The Commercial Dispatch should protect those it publishes in the newspaper and online without giving them advance notice of such... and by giving anyone who wants to be rude or inappropriate the opportunity to do so with comments underneath their letters. If you're looking for a fast way to discourage others from voicing their opinions, you've found a good one.

Lee Norris


Article Comment resident commented at 4/10/2010 3:43:00 PM:

So Lee, what you want to do is go back to those good ole days where no one was allowed to comment, especially a comment that is "different", right?

It's funny you didn't seem to mind the personal attack on the author of the story, but now your feathers are all bent up. Well La Tee Daa, who died and made you King?

Oh, I'm sorry, was that a personal attack too? She was acting all "Old South" and she got called on it. Grow up.


Article Comment Randy commented at 4/11/2010 1:06:00 PM:

Resident: Oh well - Just forget it you would not understand anyway. Ever though about moving?


Article Comment liked his letter commented at 4/11/2010 4:39:00 PM:

Mary, Mary , Mary, don't you know what a parody is when you see one? It was a funny!


Article Comment don''t likeyour letter most of the town commented at 4/11/2010 8:42:00 PM:

I have not talked to anyone who liked your letter. Most people don't bother to even read it. If I did not travel so much I wouldn"t ether. I only want to know if someone who owes me died. Oh and who killed who.


Article Comment clyde commented at 4/12/2010 3:00:00 PM:

Why do people who have nothing good to say end up staying here? I know the paper doesn't pay well. Is it the charm or do you just want to purnish yourself?


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