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Immigration reform 


Linda Chavez makes many good points in her column on "No to a deportation force" in Sunday's paper.  


We definitely need immigration reform that actually works. We cannot stop the flow of illegal immigrants across our border as long as there are jobs here but not south of the border. We have enough natural-born citizens to do the jobs that migrant Mexicans do, but why get a job picking vegetables when you can sit back and receive "entitlements" and live better than you could doing back-breaking labor? 


Ms. Chavez said "Take away access to competitively priced labor and the jobs disappear -- or the American consumer gets stuck with the bill." That's a mouthful.  


American people seem to value their time too highly. There are too many things to buy than to work for peanuts, even if it means survival. Our "poor" are obese (extremely well-fed) and many if not most have big-screen TVs on satellite programming. We have grown fat, lazy and selfish. 


I don't think anybody, except die-hard liberals, thinks immigration reform will separate hard-working illegal immigrant parents from their children. The focus is on criminal illegal aliens who have committed felonies. We deport them and they turn right around and re-enter the US illegally before the paperwork on their deportation is in the file cabinet.  


America is largely a compassionate land, forgiving of many wrongs, and there are people who take advantage of us for that very reason.  


We can protect our country better than what we've been doing, and we desperately need to. Illegal aliens have NO right to vote here, yet the Democrat party wants to give them that right. Why?  


Let them go home and vote. Their country (Mexico in this discussion) is so thoroughly screwed up with corrupt government officials that we don't need any more. We have enough, too many in fact. 


There are workable solutions to our problems, but too many politicians don't want to solve the problems. As long as there are problems to campaign on, their jobs are secure. Actually solve some and, even though it's good for America, it's bad for career politicians. Maybe we need term limits for every elected official. Then we might actually get things done in government. 


Cameron Triplett 





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