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Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett




'Not popular, but it's true' 


There are a lot of things Mississippi cannot afford, and celebrating Confederate Memorial Day is pretty far down on the list of what actually makes a tangible difference. Same thing with changing the state flag, although that might actually make a difference to people who tend to get easily "offended" by history. 


So, what could really make a BIG difference in our state's financial situation? This won't be popular, nor is it PC, but it's true. We have too many illegitimate children draining the state treasury with "free entitlements." These children most often grow up from inception to be a burden on society. Working people pay taxes to support these children while their parents often do little to support them. Not all, understand, but even one is too many. 


... It's past time to stop being "offended" because of the past or the color of a person's skin. We, all of us, black, white or other, need to realize we're all Americans first and foremost, and work together for the good of America, the future of our land. 


A well-educated workforce, with a good work ethic, would do more to draw business to Mississippi than all the tax incentives combined. A lower crime rate would do wonders for our economy in more ways than one. Do I expect any of this to happen? Not on your tintype.  


Cameron Triplett 





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