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Voice of the people: Peggy Cox




Where are the Palmer Home flowers? 


Surely was disappointed this morning (May 6) to have gone down to the Market Street to buy my usual flowers for the Spring. 


What a surprise after asking people along the way, "Where are the Palmer Home Flowers?" No one could tell me. After another trip through, I understood they wouldn't be at their usual place this year. I learned after talking with others that the Palmer Home kids aren't selling flowers and herbs any more, either at Market Street or at the Hitching Lot Farmer's Market. 


I'm sure there are reasons I don't understand that the project has been eliminated. Thank you, Palmer Home, and all the people who gave of their time and love for our enjoyment. The residents of Columbus surely will miss the connection with Palmer Home and the beauty the children brought to our own homes. 


Peggy Cox 





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