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Voice of the people: Bob Altman




Mother's Day seems an appropriate time to answer Slim's Dispatch column concerning abortion decisions. In his analysis, Slim seemed to acknowledge the pro-life point of view, but summarily dismissed it saying the decision had to rest with the mother-to-be because she would bear the consequences of the decision.  


We honor mothers because for countless generations each young woman in each of our lineages accepted those consequences, that burden, the discomfort, the nausea, the inconvenience, and finally took God's hand in hers and risked death in childbirth to give each of us life. How incredibly self-centered for a young woman to think her convenient life is more important than her mother's, or her grandmother's or however many greats you can count.  


Does our modern woman think that every pregnancy in her ancestry was planned and wanted just to produce her? And she's not suffering the greatest consequences. In actuality, that unborn baby will suffer the ultimate consequence. All of her hopes and dreams and future accomplishments, like her life itself, will be destroyed in brutal trauma or toxic drugs.  


Rationalization about over-crowded orphanages, poorly-managed foster care or childhood poverty dresses up pessimism with a veneer of caring. That particular "caring" can lead to euthanasia, eugenics, genocide, ethnic cleansing -- all variations on the theme that the unwanted, especially if they're powerless, don't deserve life. Who will speak for them? 


Bob Altman 





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