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Voice of the people: Ray and Betty Crane




Losing two dear friends in one year 


Losing friends is always very difficult at any time in life. The first friend we lost we knew for only six years. He was homeless when we first met him and in need of some medical help.  


As time passed and with the help of medication, he made a great recovery. The other friend we lost had been in an automobile encounter almost 10 years ago. Had it not been for a great doctor, he would not have survived.  


He had a broken pelvis, some internal injuries and serious leg damage. But once again with great care of the doctor we were able to know and love him for almost 10 years.  


They both loved to go with us to the fish pond and feed the fish. They loved to see the bream come to the top of the water and feed on the food. Also they loved to go with me to my deer stand, where I feed the deer and take pictures of them.  


As the years passed, we became closer friends and practically were inseparable. But as always time has a way of changing things. I noticed one of the friends began to fall behind when we went to the fish pond and the deer stand. It finally became evident he could not go that far without giving out of breath. He would say he would like to go, but could not make it. A doctor put him on medication for congestive heart failure. He tried everything to help him, but it did not change his condition.  


The other friend, almost exactly a year later, came down with the same problem. He just refused to go with me to the fish pond. All along during doctor visits, the doctor made it clear we would do all that was possible to keep him going. But as time once again took its toll, he, too, became very sick with congestive heart failure.  


Thanks to a great veterinarian, Dr. Anderson, he helped us make the right decision to not let them suffer. We closed out our time together peacefully.  


Dr. Anderson cared as much for me and my wife during these experiences as he had shown in helping us keep our Beau and Kane for those years we had together. He is not only my veterinarian but also my friend. God bless him.  


Well I close with a broken heart because Kane left us only last Friday morning and we are still hurting. Oh by the way Beau was a beautiful small black, brown and white bull dog, and Kane was a beautiful white German shepherd. Our boys Beau and Kane, we miss them very much.  


Ray and Betty Crane 





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