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Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett




Politics going downhill 


Leonard Pitts congratulated Jeff Flake's "conservative conscience" while ignoring that many liberals lack one themselves. Politics have gone downhill in my lifetime, and it is not all the fault of Republicans.  


Anybody else recall the heavy-set black woman on some TV gab-fest saying she wished Justice Clarence Thomas' wife would feed him lots of bacon and kill him? 


I don't agree with "tit-for-tat" in politics, and pointing to the bad behavior of others is no excuse to justify bad behavior by anyone else. We really need to get some, a lot, of maturity into our political system.  


We deserve better and should not settle for less. I sincerely hope our downward slide in politics and mud-slinging comes to a quick and permanent end with a move towards positive politicking. 


Cameron Triplett 





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