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Voice of the people: Bob Altman




Thinks officer Howard was serving and protecting 


Admittedly, I was not in the Emergency Room when the incident occurred and only have Wednesday's Dispatch article concerning the officer drawing her Taser. However, it looks like a "tempest in a teapot."  


Here are a couple of general observations.  


First, just because an offender is handcuffed and shackled does not mean he is subdued, nor does it mean he is not a threat. Secondly, Officer Howard has a duty to "serve and protect," and I think she could make a pretty strong argument she was doing just that for the ER staff and any patients subjected to Hudson's obscene behavior.  


I think she showed remarkable restraint in not duct taping his mouth. Unholstering her Taser seems to be the modern day equivalent of a beat cop pulling his baton and slapping it against his other hand.  


If the department thinks it's that big a deal that officer Howard did not announce she was drawing her Taser, perhaps a fitting punishment would be have her stand at attention for five minutes while her sergeant chews her out. Then she could drop and give him 30 push-ups.  


Meanwhile, Chief Lewis and Officer Howard's partner should call on Mr. Hudson and explain to him how they expect our officers to be treated. 


Bob Altman 





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