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Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett




Supports officer who pointed Taser at man 


Recently a black man was transported to the ER by a white female officer, and during the whole time he was verbally abusive towards her, while shackled hand and foot. Why? Look, ever since Ferguson, and even before, blacks who have been arrested or chased by police officers have gone out of their way to provoke physical actions by the police. Why? If an officer does react, as this one did, the "poor, defenseless black man" can yell police brutality and sue the officer, the force, and the city for money! 


This man is a punk. He was looking to get street cred, being a big, bad boy by disrespecting the officers. If you're bad enough to break the law, you should be bad enough to behave while in custody. Coward! I believe the officer in question did nothing wrong by displaying her Taser in an effort to get the prisoner to quiet down and stop acting in such a disruptive manner. I am both a former auxiliary officer in Brooksville and an EMT. These punks will cause harm to the very people trying to help them and then cry they were abused. Lady, I wasn't there with you in that ER when this punk acted up, but I think you handled things well. 


The big thing now is for athletes to "take a knee" during the national anthem at sporting events. Lots of people do not like that, including me. They are being paid to entertain us, along with actors/actresses, musicians, and other entertainers. Keep your political beliefs to yourselves. Nobody cares about which party you support or what politically correct cause interests you. If the NFL goes bankrupt and every one of these overpaid, spoiled brats loses his job, it won't hurt my feelings at all. They brought it upon themselves. Use your money and fame in better ways to correct what you perceive as grievances and to actually do something about them. 


Cameron Triplett 





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