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Voice of the people: Lee Roy Lollar Jr.




The NRA isn't the problem 


According to Brother Slim the NRA is the problem with gun violence in America. The NRA isn't the problem, gun control isn't either. Take a look a Chicago, with some real strict controls, run by a Democrat mayor. Enough said for more gun control. To help Brother Slim with some facts, the first murder was not with a gun. Maybe a stone or club was used when Cain killed Able. No NRA, to blame. 


Mr. Slim, do you really think, we need more gun laws? There are enough weapons already on the black market, (stolen or illegally) obtained that the public is in danger. I don't think you are thinking clearly. The shooter was a certified "nut" in Las Vegas. We don't know everything yet. Don't be "Chicken Little" on us. To say Sunday was a good day for anybody, is very low even for you. If you think so, you are "one" sick person. The NRA isn't the problem, the guns aren't the problem, it is the human factor. To a Christian it's a sin problem. To the secular person, blame the gun. A little love for your fellow man will go a long way. Try it Slim you might like it. Sunday was a tragic day for America that is one thing we agree on. 


Lee Roy Lollar Jr. 





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