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Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett




Gun laws wouldn't help 


This shooter violated every anti-gun law already on the books, so more would not have stopped him. A millionaire can afford any black market firearm desired. He probably used his pocket change to purchase the weapons and ammo he had. He fit no criminal profiles the FBI had. He knew there would be no other people around him armed, so he could shoot "free-fire" without worries about being stopped too soon. 


If anybody thinks more "gun laws" would have made any difference, they're delusional. We don't need any more unconstitutional laws that infringe upon the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment. This is not Canada, Great Britain, Australia, or any other country. This is the United States of America. We do not follow the lead of other countries. They should follow ours 


England, France, China, Russia, Venezuela, Mexico, just to name a few, have total gun control. Mass murders have not been prevented there. Switzerland and Israel require every able-bodied person to serve in the military and to keep military weapons and ammo at home. How many mass killings have happened there? Israel is a war zone between them and every Muslim alive. 


This nation is fast becoming a war zone. There are more gang-related killings by guns -- usually handguns -- in Chicago every few months than happened in Vegas a few days ago in the space of a few minutes. But, those are mostly black-on-black murders over drugs, so they don't count when the main stream media want to stir up a stink 


Slim Smith asks how would I feel if one of my family had been gunned down by this madman. I know the hurt and anger and helplessness one feels when a family member is shot for an unknown reason and the police department just sloughs it off as a drug deal gone bad. Why? The shooter was black and they didn't want to waste time trying to find him. True story plus my opinion on the case. 


As in every other subject, everybody has an opinion. If anybody wants to go around unarmed, that is their choice, but they cannot force others to join them. If anyone wants to go around armed, again that is a personal choice, but they cannot force anybody to join them. In this last tragedy, if everybody at that concert had been armed, it would have made no difference. They were still fish in a barrel. 


The shooter knew he would be the only armed person for a few minutes, in which he could fire at will, without interference. We have turned into a nation of lazy cowards, expecting the "government" to provide everything for us, and to protect us from all harm. It cannot be done. Self-reliance is always the best way and the fastest.  


Cameron Triplett  





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