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Editor's note: The following is an email sent to MSU classics professor Dr. Bob Wolverton, the subject of a recent column in this newspaper. The writer copied Birney Imes, who wrote the column. 




Dear Bob: 


It was pleasant reading in The Starkville Dispatch of Sunday, Oct. 1, an account of your interview with Birney Imes which you had told us about. Both you and Mr. Imes were right on target with lessons of and about the classics in his Partial to Home ("All things ancient") editorial. It made one wish that at least an entire section of the paper was devoted to the topic. Even the quote for the day at the bottom of the same page taken from Plato, Greek philosopher, 427 BC-347 BC, was appropriate.  


As you will recall, the first mention of this subject came from a general discussion at the Liar's Table, Starkville Cafe, last Friday and the announcement that it would appear in the weekend edition of that newspaper turned out to be a truth. It just proves that at least on some occasions truths rather than lies are revealed at that famous site. Also of significance was the fact that you clarified another classical matter that day; that Pandora's Box was no box at all, but a jar for they had no boxes in those times. Good lessons are learned from you wherever and whenever we listen to your conversations. I am delighted that some things never change.  


Charles Weatherly 





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