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Voice of the people: Robert "Glenn" Rhyne




Memories of my best friend 


I would like to share with you some memories of my best friend. He was a beautiful, sweet golden retriever named Gabriel, after God's special messenger angel. On each shoulder, he had patches of white hair that resembled angel wings. He passed away on Sept. 12 having lived less than 12 years, but during each day of his life he shared so much love, caring, friendship and goodness. He and I became inseparable best friends. 


He loved to take walks and rides and have picnics and parties. Eating was one of his greatest pleasures and he enjoyed hot dogs, bologna, chicken biscuits and ice cream cones. He was an excellent guard dog and liked to be called "pretty." 


After being diagnosed with cancer in August, he fought on bravely but we could only look on with broken hearts and try to make his last days as happy and comfortable as possible. 


Since we lost him, our home seems so empty and lonely. His food and water dishes sit unused on the floor. He no longer sits on my foot when he wants to be rubbed; fluffs his pillow or brings me an old sock for a treat; twirls around endlessly to greet me when I return home; stares into my eyes when he wants a ride or walk; rides with me on all of my errands; sleeps by my bed each night; awakens me at six in the morning to sit on the patio and welcome the new day. 


Memories are all that I have now but I will never forget the special love and bond of friendship between us. 


Robert "Glenn" Rhyne 





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