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Voice of the people: Albert "Chance" Laws, M. D.




Feels The Dispatch is under-appreciated 


For several years I have felt The Commercial Dispatch is greatly under-appreciated. I have heard that the paper has gotten smaller which is true. I have heard it does not provide much news. I have heard it is too liberal, although this is not a universal opinion. 


Without having been solicited in any way, I strongly make a case that The Dispatch is doing an outstanding job for our area. It is one of the few locally owned daily newspapers in the state and provides local news that would otherwise not be known by our citizens. 


There have many articles important to our Golden Triangle citizens that would not have surfaced in papers such as The Clarion Ledger or USA Today.  


A short list of articles in a recent week includes: A half page of color photos of a Columbus Air Force celebration and stories on year-over-year sales tax collections by area towns; the status of the Columbus and Lowndes parks department split; Starkville's new drinking hours; demolition at the Lowndes courthouse and possible expansion; several important articles on Columbus Municipal School District; possible sale of OCH Regional Medical Center and whether or not important data should be given to those both for and against the sale; burglaries and other crimes in the Golden Triangle (of which there were alarmingly many) and year-over-year unemployment rates in area counties.  


For Columbus, we have not had articles on the mayor, chief of police, police department and city council the week in question, but those entities are often the subject of enlightening or controversial articles. 


Without this coverage, we would be in the dark on many issues affecting our quality of life and safety. Without The Dispatch's vigilance, such issues are less likely to be addressed and might possibly be swept under the rug. 


The Dispatch does have some columnists who I would describe as being on the far left in regard to national politics.  


This is not surprising as The Dispatch is part of the media. However, they are not nearly so far left as The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, NBC, CBS and others. The Dispatch prints letters to the editor from staunch right wingers.  


I believe a significant number think The Dispatch is too kind to our state leaders who seem to be thinking only of reelection rather than providing genuine and daring leadership.  


This may imply that The Dispatch has some conservative leanings. 


In my opinion Birney lmes is an outstanding public servant. Slim Smith is giving us much insight as someone who has only lived here a couple of years. I speculate that Birney and Peter lmes are more interested in serving our area than making profits or selling out to a chain which could be tragic for our area. 


The Commercial Dispatch is a terrific asset. Let's embrace it. 


Albert "Chance" Laws, M. D.  





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