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Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett




When political correctness attempts to erase history 


While perusing the paper the other day, I saw an article on the Confederate rose, and my immediate reaction was how long will it be until somebody is "offended" by this flower? I mean, if a statue, or a plaque, or a piece of cloth can "offend" some wussie's sensibilities, then this flower won't be far behind on the list of banned objects. 


I saw on the internet (if it's on the 'net, it's gotta be true, right?) where the church where George Washington worshiped has a plaque honoring the fact he attended services there. They plan to remove that plaque so some visitors won't feel "uncomfortable" since he owned slaves. Keep it up and there will be nothing left that people can point to and say, "That is part of our history, and see how far we've come." 


Lately the news has been full of stories about high-power, important men coercing female employees as well as others to submit to giving sexual favors, or just simply inappropriate behavior.  


When this was a Christian nation, that seldom happened, at least to my knowledge. Liberalism has taken us away from God and the tenets of Christianity.  


We seem to no longer have any "real men" here, men who respect others, especially females, and who will stand up for what is right, no matter the cost. We really don't have an honest national news media any more. When Bill Clinton was accused, by multiple women, of sexual improprieties including rape, it was largely downplayed. The same holds true for any liberal person. But let a conservative get caught with his pants down and there is no limit to the ink or air time devoted to them. 


I don't care if you're liberal or conservative, or something else, be honorable and you can't go wrong.  


Cameron Triplett 





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