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Voice of the people: Lee Roy Lollar Jr.




Trump, Terrorism and Football 


After almost one year of Trump investigation, all they could find was something a for a former campaign manger did many years ago that had nothing to do with the election. No Russian collusion found. What has been revealed though, was as Patrick Buchanan said, in the Dispatch on Oct.31, "deep dirt diving" was done and nothing was found. Spending millions to find something that is not there. 


As I have repeated before, why would a man, worth billions, and a very successful businessman want to trouble himself with this, if he didn't want to improve America. Middle America (the unwashed) as the left would call us, voted for a change in the way business is being done. Drain the swamp! And that is the reason he can't get the support from all the GOP. To many ole GOP RINO gators in the swamp. 


Trump is in for four years and I feel a total of eight. Let's us all work together and work to make America great again. 


Terrorism, finally the liberals in New York have call terrorism, terrorism without waiting to get more information before accusing anyone. For the past eight years that statement was unheard of. Thank you, mayor of NYC and governor the state. About time to call it as it is. The Muslim extremists want to kill us. 


Football, I am as big of a Bulldog fan as any, but we have many problems in the world and football is not one of them. God bless Coach Mullen. His value has undoubtedly risen due to his talent, but if he leaves, the terrorist problem, our political climate or the world situation won't change. It's good to have an outlet from the stress but there is a bigger thing than even Bama football. I will get some hateful from that remark. 


Lastly, Brother Triplett was so true in his letter, "When political correctness attempts to erase history." Well said. We can learn from history and then not repeat it. I think a good study of our history would help some out there. "All gave some, some gave all" 


God Bless America 


Lee Roy Lollar Jr. 





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