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Voice of the people: Lee Roy Lollar Jr.




Our men in blue 


The mayor and Chief Lewis were on top of the tragic shooting a week ago, and I commend them. Some of the public were quick to call it a cover-up. Gun planted, maybe racial motivated, you name it.  


But once the facts were presented by showing the body-cam video, the air was cleared.  


Now the question is will the facts be accepted? I talked to a policeman about the pressure he worked under. He said he feels constantly under pressure and that a decision has to be made in a mini-second that could mean life or death to him. He said, everyone is not able to be a policeman, it is a call of service to the community and not for the money.  


God bless our policemen and women of the Columbus Police Department. Walk a mile in their shoes before complaining. I am glad we have those in our city and through out America willing to sacrifice to keep us safe. Complain about the police, but who do you call when an emergency happens.  


Things look different in the day time; at night, they completely change. I can relate from my military experience. We had the opportunity to "recon" the area. Our men and women in "Blue" don't have that advantage.  


Lee Roy Lollar Jr. 





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