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Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett




One way to get at our obesity problem 


So, the general opinion is that since some of our public servants in Jackson use smokeless tobacco, there will probably not be a tax on that product?  


Getting an increase in the tax on cigarettes isn't much of a bet either. Why not? We send these people to Jackson to represent us. A lot of Mississippians use tobacco in whatever form, but that doesn't excuse not increasing the tax on those products. The state needs the money. 


Obesity is a big problem here in Mississippi. Some of it is due to heredity. It's in the genes of a lot of people. However much of it is in the foods we consume, but we don't even try to ease that problem.  


We allow food stamps to be used to purchase unhealthy, fattening foods that are consumed by children. Take that away from the SNAP program, and there will be caterwauling and all sorts of protests, but poor children will be healthier and in a few years, our poor adults will be healthier as well. We might just accidentally get off the bottom of that list in a couple of decades. 


I have read that some (ACLU) are questioning the right of police agencies to use data from cell phone towers to help catch crooks. Guess what? People do not have a right to break the law.  


More and more "men" in positions of power or influence are being accused of using their positions to coerce sexual favors from women who work for them or women who are at their mercy concerning jobs. That's not much of a man to me. It's embarrassing to know that some people will use their power to do such. Hell has a special place for them.  


I'm especially upset that some who help write or vote on bills that often become laws are among this trash. Everybody is innocent until convicted in a court of law, not the court of public opinion.  


Any public servant found guilty of breaking the laws should be kicked out of the office they hold and denied their retirement from that office. Since they write their own rules, I highly doubt that will ever happen. 


It's up to us to hire (elect) the best public servants we possibly can, regardless of political party affiliation, gender, religion, sexual preference, or whatever. Just get the best people on the job, and watch our state and country reap the benefits. 


Cameron Triplett 





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