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Due to a recent reporting of a rash of disciplinary action(s) being taken on students in the USA because of various displays of our American Flag, I am enclosing copies of my Great Grandfather Frederick Brandt and my Grandfather Johan Frederick Holtmann''s citizenship papers. Both of them renounce their allegiances to Princes, Potentates, etc. and in particular, the Emperor of Germany (Grandpa Brandt) and the King of Prussia (Grandpa Holtmann). 


I am wondering if this is still part of the citizenship oath, or, if political correctness has removed these oaths. By the way, I lost three first cousins on my mother''s side and one on my father''s side in WWII, all due to actions against the Nazis. 


By the way, I am still wondering how the "Hitch Lot" got renamed "The Hitching Lot." Mr. Penn Taylor, who passed away last fall just short of his 90th birthday, was quite adamant that it had never been "The Hitching Lot" until the "Yuppies" took over.  


I also have a problem is with unsigned "blogs." If you feel strongly enough to comment publicly, sign your name. 


Gary Holtman 





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Article Comment JC commented at 5/17/2010 4:51:00 PM:

From the U.S Flag Code, sec. 176, "Respect for Flag":

"The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery."

- Available at


Article Comment gogetum commented at 5/17/2010 5:20:00 PM:

You can mark this on your calendar--for once JC is making sense. Maybe it's some other JC? Either way I give it a thumbs up.


Article Comment JC commented at 5/18/2010 11:28:00 AM:

Same JC, gogetum. I thought Mr. Holtman might be interested in what the U.S. Flag Code says on using the flag as wearing apparel, say... a t-shirt.


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