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Voice of the people: Lee Roy Lollar, Jr.




Who do you believe? 


The Washington elites, no! There are those in power that think they are beyond reproach. I was elected, so I can do what I wish to do. Now this does not apply to all, but my question is why has it been accepted for so long. Power, reprisal, intimidation or what? That is a sad state of affairs in government there for the good of all. Power and wealth has corrupted many. 


Now who do we believe? President Clinton admitted his Monica affair, Al Franken was videoed and Judge Moore accused. Who do you believe? 


Now it has been revealed taxpayers, have payed $15 million to settle sexual harassment suits lodged against elected officials. That is unacceptable! Does term limits sound good? Most or all public elected jobs are not full time, they are jobs to serve the public. Am I wrong. I remember Councilman Gavin saying, "I'm not in the job for the money." That was refreshing. 


Now, say what you might about the accusation of POTUS Trump or Judge Moore about sexual misconduct. Judge Moore's accuser accused him 40 years later when he was running for a senate seat. 


Something smells, and it's not my turkey roasting. I'll leave you to decide President Trump's actions. He was elected. That says volumes. 


Morality is not a Democrat or a Republican problem, it's a human problem. Would some of you say a "sin" problem. But then, we that think that way are considered a bigot or religious nut. 


Who do you believe? Innocent until found guilty, or have things changed for a professing Christian. Time will tell. Politics is a strange creature. How did we get here?  


Term limits will solve a lot of problems we are experiencing. 


Who do you believe? I'll let you answer that. 


Lee Roy Lollar, Jr. 





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