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Voice of the people: Jiben Roy




From red to blue in Alabama 


In Hinduism, more than one billion people worship not only God but also the goddess Durga. The Hindu believe she is the protective mother of the universe, who can destroy all evil and bring peace and harmony in the universe.  


Every year, everywhere in the world the Hindu people worship this female form of supreme being. In deed, it's a special respect for women. However, in practice, sexual misconduct is prevalent to some extent in every religion, in every country, developed or undeveloped. 


Who could have thought a senate seat in Alabama would change from red to blue? But it happened just this week. It is the win for silence breakers. It is the win for the #metoo movement. It is the win for four women I live with. 


Democracy is really wonderful, especially when it takes corrective action.  


Jiben Roy 





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