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Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett




Music, fighting and the lottery 


Apparently Zack Plair doesn't care for country music, but that's OK. I will listen to and appreciate just about all genres of music, with the exception of rap. Music is supposed to calm the savage beast. Rap makes me want to go punch the biggest dude I can find right in the mouth! That's not a good idea for a little crippled man. Rap is the most irritating noise in the world, just ahead of Slim Whitman yodeling.  


I have quite a stack of old vinyl records dating from when my parents got our first record player, a Zenith from a now-defunct store. The owner gave Daddy two LP records. They still sound fairly good, with few scratches. I have one 33-1/3 rpm the size of a 45 rpm with three songs on each side, and one 45 rpm with two songs on each side. 


My wife's nieces refuse to listen to country music because it's all about (according to David Allan Coe) Mama, trains, pickup trucks, prison, and gittin' drunk. Country music reflects life as some know it, just as rap does for its listeners. Being mostly deaf, all I can understand in rap are words I'd rather not say. It's good to know that some artists are returning to vinyl because, to me anyway, the sound is better. 


A club owner shot and killed a patron who shot at him an missed, apparently because he had broken up a fight between the shooter and other(s). It just shows the immaturity of the shooter. I was immature once myself. When somebody whups your butt in a fight, take it like a man! And if you're going to start a gunfight, make sure you can shoot accurately or you just might sign your own death warrant 


I support a State Lottery. Some oppose it because of religious grounds, saying it's a sin. Others oppose it because it might cut into the casino revenue. Many years ago the preachers in Noxubee County allied with the beer joint owners across the Lowndes County line, to try and keep Noxubee dry. I think the alliance between the casinos and preachers will have the same effect, losing to "progress." 


Too many po' people don't pay taxes in Mississippi (I'm one) but get to take advantage of roads, bridges, public schools, etc., and I can see them buying lottery tickets every payday. I have seen many buy scratch-off tickets in convenience stores, so it won't be much difference there. Instead of the money going into some private company's pockets, it would go to the state treasury. I remember, though, when the casinos were legalized, the thought was that the revenue would fund roads and bridges and schools, etc. If we're going to have a state lottery, make sure where the revenue will go. 


Cameron Triplett, 





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