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Voice of the People: Lee Roy Lollar, Jr.




Finally the council came together to appoint Fred Shelton unanimously for chief. What a difference two years makes. If memory serves me right, it was 2-3 for Fred then. I am thankful the others on the council supported the man that should have been appointed chief two years ago.  


Lesson learned that being a good person doesn't make a good leader. I liked Oscar, but he was way over his head from the start. I wish him the best now. 


Our police department can become the department the citizens of Columbus want and expect with the leadership of a chief with the experience and respect of the department. It's yours now, Fred. Were expecting great things. No pressure. 


At the council meeting tonight three new policemen were sworn in. I hope this a good start for the new year. We have a young department, and I have faith it will grow to become one we citizens can be proud of. 


While I am on the subject of the council meeting, apathy is alive and well in Columbus. Tonight there was maybe less than 10 citizens in attendance, and that's being generous.  


People complain about local government; attendance a council meeting shows you are concerned about what is happening. The money spent there is our money; we have a say so. But without showing up, you are saying, OK. Think about it. If your councilman sees you there, he knows you care.  


Show up or shut up, it's that simple. Let's take our city back. 


Lee Roy Lollar, Jr. 





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