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Recovery Act opportunities




For the past three years, I''ve worked as an estimator and project manager for a commercial roofing contractor in Fort Worth, Texas. During this time, I''ve had the opportunity to participate in and oversee several construction projects that fall under the highly publicized and hotly debated Recovery Act. 


If you''re not familiar with the Recovery Act, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 or the Stimulus, I''ll assume you''re not reading this and have been hiding under a rock for the past couple of years. Those of you familiar with at least one of these terms know that just by mentioning them I''m opening the flood gates of a thousand tweets from readers with user names like Don''t_Tread_On_Me and Atlas_Shrugged. I guess that''s a chance I''ll have to take. 


All political humor aside, I''m not writing this to stir up controversy. I just want everyone to know where they can go to see where all that money is going. Furthermore, I''d like to show local businesses where they can access projects within the Recovery Act. 


The official website is If you want to see what''s happening in your area, click on the WHERE IS THE MONEY GOING? tab at the top of the page and either type in your Zip Code or navigate the interactive map. You''ll be amazed at what you''ll discover. 


Business owners should click on the OPPORTUNITIES tab, then Contracts. This will lead you to opportunities that have been Awarded or are Up For Bid. The number of opportunities is mind boggling. I urge you to click on one of the opportunities which will lead you to the Federal Business Opportunities website, Search around this website as well. This is where all of the Federal contract opportunities are listed. You never know. There may be a perfect opportunity for your company. 


Trey Imes; Fort Worth, Texas



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