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Voice of the people: James Goolsby




Appreciates The Dispatch 


I have traveled to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, many times as my son, Brad Goolsby and his family, live in Pittsboro, close by. 


Chapel Hill is a famous college town, home of the huge University of North Carolina. I expected that city to have a great local newspaper supporting its community and university.  


They do not have such a newspaper, certainly nothing like the Columbus, Mississippi, Commercial Dispatch. 


I am amazed that this would be true. I guess everything is covered by the internet. There is nothing you can hold in your hand, except possibly your phone. 


I see in their newspaper no caring for the community. No questioning of the status quo, the leadership. 


There is no one there to compare to The Dispatch's Slim Smith. 


Columbus has a great newspaper. 


James Goolsby 





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