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Voice of the people: Joseph Boggess, M.D.




Toward a healthier Mississippi 


After reading the editorial reprinted from "The Greenwood Commonwealth" about ways to grow Mississippi's population, I had the following thoughts. 


Up to now I have been against the expansion of Medicaid in our state to those above the poverty line seeing it as another entitlement at the expense of the taxpayers.  


The Medicaid modification just began in Kentucky which requires Medicaid recipients to work, seek work or be in school or training changes that position for me.  


If enforced fairly, this would change the program from a lifelong handout to a hand-up for money.  


As a former Medicaid provider during my career, I saw the good it did as well as the abuses of the system. With the work requirement, I think it's time the state should do the expansion (once Kentucky works out the kinks). Health-care jobs and other would be created. 


Tourism is a growth industry and a big job creator. Increasing the state's efforts in that area will grow jobs. The new museums should just be the beginning. 


Retirement is the best non-polluting industry of all. We need to capture more of the retiring boomers moving south, bringing their wealth with them. Reducing or eliminating income taxes to compete with the no-income-tax states of Florida, Texas and Tennessee could pay off handsomely. 


Mississippi is a great place to live. If we work together to make it even better, people will naturally want to stay or move here. 


Joseph Boggess, M.D. 





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