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Voice of the people: Lee Roy Lollar Jr.




Illegal aliens and government shutdown 


Since when does breaking the law give you a right? I thought laws were to protect the citizens. Somewhere that has changed. All the dreamers have had many years to become legal. I am confused why there is a outcry now. I don't think the government will remove them, that not logical or realistic. I do think we, the American citizens, have a right to be protected. We are a nation of laws, to be obeyed by all, not a few. That includes the elected elites. Term limits sound better each day. But, it's all Trumps' fault. I agree. The stock market is in uncharted territory, unemployment at an all time low, industry is reinvesting money in America and a new confidence is in the U S of A but, that's all Trumps fault. Maybe that not a bad thing. 


Government shut down: The elite in Washington could care less. Their checks are not effected. They are fat and happy either way. Some there care more about the illegal alien than they do about our military or our law abiding citizens. Some are concerned about their voting base -illegal or not - just keep me at the government trough so I can feather my nest. Enough already. 


The problem the government has is, if you are not spending your money, the responsibility changes. A public official is supposed to represent the citizen. That is not the case most of the time. There are those that realize why they are there, but it is rare. I have the greatest respect for those elected officials. God bless them. 


All I can do is pray for God to bless the greatest nation in the world. 


Lee Roy Lollar Jr. 





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