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Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett




Forgiveness and healing 


The last line of Zack Plair's article, "(B)ut through peace and forgiveness, there is healing," spoke a mouthful.  


We must forgive in order to heal, but forgiving isn't always easy. It requires a deep commitment, but it is well worth it. When we do not forgive others for the wrongs they have done, we not only hurt ourselves but those people as well. Mostly we hurt ourselves. 


Being forgiven for a past wrong, no matter how big or bad, can bring peace to both the wronged and the person who committed the transgression.  


I know. It took me years to forgive some relatives for what I considered the wrong way they did. They're all dead now, so the only thing was to let it go. If you're carrying a grudge towards someone from your past, tell them you forgive them. It will help both of you heal. I promise. 


Cameron Triplett 





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