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Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett




Hard data shows that private citizens with permits to carry concealed weapons are far less likely to commit crimes of any kind than uniformed police officers are. Cops cannot be everywhere all the time, and mental nuts know that guns are forbidden on school grounds, so if they go off the deep end and start killing unarmed students, who's going to stop them? I really doubt that any student, or adult visiting a campus for a game or other event, will become an "alcohol-fueled time bomb and start a shooting war over a score or referee decision." That just doesn't seem likely, but on the other hand, somebody illegally carrying a gun would be much more apt to start shooting. Those people can't handle reality or separate a game from the reality of life. A citizen with a carry permit shot and captured an escaped convict. Do you think he shouldn't be allowed to carry? 


I especially enjoyed the article by Larry Elder, exposing the double standards of the Liberal Left concerning illegal immigration. Do you know what the Mexican government does with those caught entering Mexico illegally? Prison, in horrible conditions. If illegal aliens/immigrants are given the right to vote here, an aim of the Democrat Party, they will drag our government down to the levels they left back home from where ever they came. It shouldn't matter which party controls Congress or the White House; what's good for America is all that should matter. 




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