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Voice of the people: Joseph Boggess




Proposed tax cut unfair 


With regard to the bill proposing income tax breaks for people with recently earned higher education degrees or moving into the state with a bachelor's degree or higher: That is the most unfair tax proposal I have ever seen passed! How ridiculous to give the most fortunate the break at the expense of all the other taxpayers. It's not fair to those with lesser levels of academic accomplishment; and there is no evidence that it would accomplish enough results to be worth the cost. If the legislature wants to cut income taxes, the best plan would be to lower the overall rate. Mississippi income tax rates top out at 5% at a pretty low level of income. We lose out to Florida (0%), Texas (0%), and Tennessee (0%) in attracting all types and ages of workers and retirees. A tax cut for a select group is the opposite of tax reform. Dropping rates for all makes the state a more compelling place for people and businesses. In the long run, that is the way to boost population and GDP. 


Joseph Boggess  





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