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Voice of the people: Lee Roy Lollar Jr.




Old School or Snowflake? 


I grew up in an era that change was coming. The 50s and 60s were a time when we kids thought our parents didn't understand us. My mother said I was very restless as a teenager. My dad was a disciplinarian and like others of his generation grew up on a farm during the depression. Hard work was all he knew and he instilled that in me. Nothing in life is free. You have to work to provide for your needs, and work harder for your wants. He said there are winner and loser in life and life is not necessarily fair. If you get knocked down, pick yourself up. If your are a Believer your reward will not be on earth. I am not proselytizing here just stating what I believe. 


I am reading "Old School" and I am not a "Snowflake" if the definition in Bill O'Reilly's new book is correct. A snowflake is "An exquisitely sensitive human being who is often more interested in feeling than fact." These people require constant protection from anything they find upsetting, anything that will cause them to experience feelings of fear, outrage and/or anger. 


I think I am Old School. Which one are you? 


Today the snowflakes are getting all the attention and the old school type are trying to make America great again. 


God Bless both Snowflakes and Old School people and America. 


Lee Roy Lollar, Jr 





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