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What is sad? When a society bows to the pressure of the government by the manner of fear, such as fear of a lawsuit, and expend dignity and courage by seeking to neuter nature and maximize civil disobedience. 


Nature itself teaches the male and female are necessary in procreation. In distortion and confusion, humanity drives toward destroying the fundamentals of a civilization in exchange for social pleasures, licentious, and homosexuality. 


So, why should we be concerned? 


When the male and the female are absent in the structure of the home, the basis for a civilization begins to corrode. Civilization is reduced. The next natural phase is for the government to legalize the killing of the unborn. Civilization is reduced. The next phase is to engage in war killing off the young men. Civilization is reduced. The final phase is followed by weapons of destruction in an effort to destroy a society. Civilization is reduced. 


Silence the men and women in the home and truth will not be found. Twenty million children live in a home without the physical presence of a father. 


Kill the children and truth will not be found. From 1970 to 2016, 46,151,640 babies have been killed through abortion. 


Kill off the young men and truth will not be found. Since 1775, 1,343,812 Americans have died for their country in war. 


Destroy the mass and truth will not be found. Russia claims new atomic weapons of mass destruction. North Korea continues toward atomic weaponry. 


An old enemy used the tactic of deception, pain and suffering to withstand people from discovering truth. Those who discovered the truth but remained silent fell under the spell of the old enemy. 


So, the Starkville City Council majority cast their vote.  


Robert Gillis 


Pastor of State Line Baptist Church



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