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Voice of the people: Dudley Bearden




Begging for leadership on guns 




The second amendment served this country well when Andrew Jackson, with the help of an armed citizen militia, defeated the British in the war of 1812 and saved the city of New Orleans. In over a hundred years, firearms have evolved from single shot muskets into automatic assault weapons.  


After the killing fields of WWI, machine guns were outlawed to American citizens. How many must be sacrificed before we outlaw assault weapons?  


It takes courage to enter a shooter's lair, knowing he has an AR15 and you a hand gun. Few command in chiefs, including Andrew Jackson would sacrifice his troops thus.  


Our young people are begging for leadership. Will we find courage in our politicians who dodge the military and prostitute their values for donations from large corporations?  


Dudley Bearden, USMC  





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