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Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett




Let's not use race to choose candidates 


In Friday's opinion column, Slim seemed to be practically salivating at the chance a Democrat, and/or a black, or even two could soon represent Mississippi in the Senate. I surely hope no one votes for or against any candidate based on skin color, but it's bound to happen. All I really want is a public servant who will actually serve the interests of Mississippi in particular and the U.S. in general. After all, what's best for us might not be best for our country, but what's best for our country cannot be bad for us. It's past time to be looking for a line or paragraph in history books and to start trying to do what's best or right for the future of America and the world. If we do elect a black Senator, I sincerely hope he or she is not cut from the same cloth as Sheila Jackson Lee or Nancy Pelosi. Will our electing a black Senator change the perception the rest of the country has about Mississippi? 


Birney, your column Sunday was one of your better ones. I have long disliked the way public schools teach to the test today. It's destroying education. I can't recall ever learning or hearing about the method of "casting out nines," but I did see an incredible method of doing math by counting on fingers once. Amazing. I used to work for a major engineering/consulting firm on a survey crew. While an instrument man, I could "close" a second degree angle in my head faster than the party chief did on paper, while carrying on a conversation. He didn't like that. 


Leonard Pitts, for once (again!), I agree with! It seems that some think only blacks can "sing rap," which to me is the most annoying sound on Earth. If any other "race" does it, it's just wrong, in their opinion. I guess Charlie Pride couldn't sing country music, then. I know, and am kin to, people who don't like country music, so variety is what makes the world go around.  


It's like saying only blacks can represent blacks in public office, or only women, women, or only gays, gays, and so on. As long as there are different types of people around, there will be preferences and prejudices. There is only one "race," and that is the human race. Black, white, red, yellow or whatever other distinction you choose, we are all humans and all part of the same "family." Working together we can solve anything. Tearing at each other's throats will only hinder progress. Do what's best and right for all instead of pushing a personal agenda that might not benefit anyone in the long run. 


Cameron Triplett 





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