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Letters: The Legend of John Thomas A.k.a--BB--The Sheriff of Seventh Avenue




As we remember this man of our time -- husband, father, and friend. 


All our just nows and thens. 


We may recall his days of youth as a football star. 


Or even his rise to police officer and the patrol car. 


Better yet, we may think of some kind and generous deed. 


A simple hello or a soft spoken word that answered a human need. 




He like us and others before, and yet to live. 


A man for our time who walked by the gift to give. 


Let us not put him on a pedestal or throne. 


Yet, me must keep his memory in our hearts and home. 


Not perfect, however, a simple and warm man. 


A bridge builder among us, a trailblazer without stand. 




We shall miss him in our own way. 


Perhaps you noticed he is not sitting in his rocker today. 


Legends always answer the clarion call. 


He has done his part and shared it with us all. 


So no weeping and moaning as I am inclined to do. 


Let''s celebrate a life well lived with me and you. 




His homegoing is a reminder that one day we without notice, too, shall go there. 


We pray for him sweet rest and peace with a load of care. 




Carl A. Lee  





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