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Letter: Think Barbour would make a great president




If (the biggest word in the English language) memory serves me correctly Steve Mullen came here from California. From his article in Wednesday''s paper I gather he doesn''t think much or highly of Mississippi politics or Gov. Barbour. He''s not alone there. He and Bill Minor would make great bookends or a salt-n-pepper shaker set. Mr. Mullen is highly critical of anything/everything the governor has done, does, or might do in the future. I would like to point out that California''s budget is larger than most countries have, and it is on the brink of bankruptcy. I do hope that Mr. Mullen does not want Mississippi to follow California''s lead! 


As far as Gov. Barbour''s possible presidential bid in 2012, I can think of quite a few hopefuls and also-rans that aren''t near the caliber leader the Governor is. This country has not had a Southern-born president worth a damn in my lifetime, and yes, I am most definitely including Slick Willie. The main reason he wanted the gig was he thought it was a cool babe magnet. 


On a related subject, President Obama is proposing some ideas, specifically tax-related regarding breaks, that Republicans have endorsed for beaucoup years. The idea is to force Republicans to vote for "his" budget proposals (that are from the GOP), or against anything the president proposes and further entrench the "Party of no" label heaped upon them by the Democrats. I say vote for the tax breaks and tell the truth about just whose ideas they really are. Then vote to rein in the runaway spending in Congress, which Democrats live and breathe. 


This is precisely why Gov. Barbour will make such a great president for America. Not just the Republicans or Democrats, or blacks or whites, but for everyone in America, and that is precisely what this country needs right now, a president for everyone and not someone who divides to conquer. Mr. Obama is giving former Presidents Carter and Clinton a real race for the title of worst president ever. 


Cameron Triplett Sr. 






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Article Comment hope commented at 9/10/2010 6:37:00 AM:

Here's why Barbour would not make a good President. As the governor of our state, everything that is good, we're dead last in and every thing that is bad, we're first in. I really don't know where you and Marty Wiseman, who wants the other states to be like us, are coming from. You certainly don't have the facts to back it up.
If California could get back the 30 billion dollars that Ken Lay and Enron defrauded them of, they would have a surplus. And at the time, Bush and Cheney took up for that outlaw Lay. That is why Bush and Cheney could not be trusted. Not only was California defrauded out of 30 billion dollars, but the governor Gray Davis, a Democrat, had to resign because of this, and Schwarzenegger, a Republican, with the help of Bush and Cheney, replaced him. To me, that's why we don't need a Republican President period. They're all just alike. They can't get enough power and money.


Article Comment warren commented at 9/10/2010 6:20:00 PM:

Please Hope, we held all of these terrible positions long before Gov. Barbour was elected. We have been on the bottom of MOST lists for Decades.


Article Comment hope commented at 9/11/2010 8:50:00 AM:

warren----If Barbour can't get us off the bottom, why as President, should we expect him to do any better for the rest of the states?


Article Comment frank commented at 9/11/2010 3:07:00 PM:

Now Hopeless, you know that we blame Ronnie Musgrove for Mississippi's problems. Barbour "inherited" all that from Musgrove. Haley is trying real hard but those Democrats in the state legislature are just blocking all his efforts. It is probably a racial thing.

You, of all people, would not hold the guy in office responsible for anything would you? It must be Musgrove's doing.


Article Comment hope commented at 9/11/2010 3:36:00 PM:

@frank------67% of people think the state of the economy today is Bush's fault and 31% Obama's fault.(TIME MAGAZINE)


Article Comment frank commented at 9/11/2010 4:20:00 PM:

@Hopeless: Time, Pravda, not much difference. Anyway, this has no relevance to the mess that Musgrove left for Barbour.


Article Comment walter commented at 9/14/2010 4:48:00 PM:

Barbour, President? Only if Min. Farrakhan is Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and Al Sharpton replaces Reid in the Senate and Rev Jackson, Pelosi, in the House. Then, and only then, would I vote for our fine Guvner to be President.

I believe in my heart of heart, that one on one, Haley is a decent fellow. I know he has a great sense of humor. I just don't think he has the backbone to break away from party politics and do what is right for his constituents. At least, he seems completely unwilling to do so for the people of Mississippi, as governor. Instead, he towed the Republican Party line, despite it not being in the best interest of most of the people he took an oath to serve, as governor.

One thing you can say about him for sure, however, is that he is a good ole boy, who is definitely loyal to his party; loyal to a fault, I'm afraid.

Birney, please tell the govenor that I said: Please don't come get me. I'm only offering constructive criticism to help better prepare him to become President, someday.


Article Comment hope commented at 9/16/2010 11:18:00 AM:

After watching CBS news last night, I imagine that the people on the coast would like for Barbour to make a good governor before he tries his hand at being President. They want their money from BP, and they are having a hard time getting it.You would think that he would be putting pressure on BP to deliver. I suppose he is riding the bus to fire Pelosi and to get a little campaign time, trying to get his party back in power so they can sock it to the people one more time.
I hope all you fans of Bush were watching last night when CBS stated that their poll showed that 37% of the people believed the state of the economy now was Bush's fault and only 5% President Obama. Bush will be around a long time, because he and his friends almost destroyed our country.


Article Comment frank commented at 9/17/2010 5:34:00 PM:

"Bush will be around a long time"

He sure will. It looks like the Democrats will be blaming him for their failures for years to come. Wake up Hopeless, the public isn't buying it anymore. The honeymoon is over. Time for the party in power to take responsibility.

Obama ought to try being President instead of appearing on television every day. It appears all he knows how to do is campaign and say "I inherited this problem". Screw what he "inherited", hell every President inherits problems, the good ones solve them.

Yeah old 'W' will live on, the Demwits won't let him die.


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