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Letter: Caledonia's jewel of a library




My family has lived in Caledonia for over 12 years now. There has been quite a lot of growth in our small town during that time. There is one thing that has remained a stronghold though, and it is something that we might take for granted. Caledonia might be small, but we have an amazing library! 


When we first arrived in this little community, Mrs. Mary Betts Williams was the librarian. She is a great lady and we enjoyed talking with her when checking out books. For the past several years, Kay Langford has been the librarian, and she is a jewel. Although recently there has been some small changes to the way the library looks inside, she manages to make it feel homey and welcoming, a place where you want to come in and sit and read, or just browse through the shelves.  


She always has new books displayed in such a way that they seem to call you over to take a look. Her children''s room has often been a place of wonder for a small child. I remember my girls always going straight to that room, to see what sort of displays Mrs Kay had on the shelves and tables.  


She was/is not afraid for the children to touch things and explore. You can ask her where you might locate a book on photography and she can tell you down to the decimal where to look. She knows our reading tastes and often suggests new books to us. In a world that is constantly changing and modernizing, it is comforting to step into the library and feel right at home. 


Pat Lemmermann 





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