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Robert Corbell: Unhappy with head librarian




Alice, it is time to go. We don''t want you, we don''t need you. In the short time of one ear, you have caused serious, and probably irreparable damage to the collections of the Columbus Public Library. You have practically destroyed the reference department, a formerly magnificent collection of books, magazines, microfilm, and an extensive vertical file. It took over 35 years to build up such a glorious reference collection, but in the short space of only one year, you have destroyed 90 percent of the reference department''s holdings. 


This is ... nothing short of stupidity on a grand scale. 


Alice, go home. It is time to leave the building. We don''t want you; we don''t need you. Please, please pack your bags tomorrow and go. The damage and destruction you have caused this library and it''s collections have set this library back 1o or 15 years. That is how long it will take to repair the numerous damages you have inflicted upon this formerly glorious library. 


The few positive changes you have made to this library pale in comparison to the many acts of willful and calculated destruction you have inflicted on the library''s various collections. So please do the people of Columbus and Lowndes County a favor -- leave! 


Robert Corbell 





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