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Rockey Allen: County crews




This week I traveled over 300 miles of road in Lowndes County and observed the county road crews cutting as much grass on private property as on county right of way. 


I reported this to the state auditor. 


Anyone owning property the road crews are working on needs to read Mississippi Code 15-1-7-13. This code allows for adverse possession or title by subscription. If you allow this to continue you are donating your property to the county. Anyone interested in stopping the use of tax money on private property can call the state auditor at 601-576-2800. You may be able to keep your property the county uses as its own. The longer county employees work your land the harder it will be for you to keep it. 


Rockey Allen 


Carrollton, AL



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Article Comment missydear48 commented at 10/21/2010 3:27:00 PM:

Right on target Rocky Allen: I also wonder how many private people get city favors/free work on their property. I also see this. How can others get this FREE Service from the city? Wish the potholes and roads would get as much attention. Would like to say THANKS for finally after ALL these years, for installing handicapped ramps on the city sidewalks. About time someone recognized that Columbus has wheelchair bound citizens, who have trouble maneuvering the side walks. one area in question for me would be access to CITY HALL AND MAYOR'S OFFICE. Hard for handicapped citizen to gain access to Mayor Smith's office and City Hall.


Article Comment missydear48 commented at 10/21/2010 3:33:00 PM:

CITY IMPROVEMENTS: Where is the funding for all the sprucing up of the downtown area being funded from? In this time of economic crisis and shortage of money, I have noticed, flowers, shrubs, sidewalk improvements, in general, finally making Columbus stand out(about time). Notice new lights being installed, new STOP signs up. One hazard noticed is: lights at Gardner Blvd and Hwy 182 on WEST side are blocked from clear visualability by the wires. You can not clearly see GREEN light on Bottom or HWY 69 road sign. Suggest this be checked...maybe wires can be moved to behind WEST hung lights. Between the afternoon SUN and wires blocking your sight, this could be a potential for wrecks.


Article Comment missydear48 commented at 10/21/2010 3:40:00 PM:

Does Columbus have a truancy law? I live near Columbus High and see alot of students walking the surrounding streets with their back packs all hours of the day. Is there not School Security any more? I am sure that they should be in school the times I have observed them walking around off the school grounds.


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