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Benny Cooper: Joe Higgins' salary




After reading about Joe Higgins'' $220,000 salary, I began wondering what fool or fools decided to pay this outrageous bloated salary to anyone in a public position, especially in today''s economy. This reminds me of the story that just recently surfaced in Bell, Calif., (population 36,000) where some public officials were making salaries that even exceeded the President''s.  


I don''t care how much business and industry he claims to have personally recruited for this area, he is not worth 27 percent of the total budget of the Link. No one is that indispensible! If any budget cuts need to be made his salary and maybe his job should be No 1. 


Benny Cooper 





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Article Comment kj commented at 10/20/2010 10:17:00 AM:

$220k? A year? That's a bargain. Thanks, Joe Higgins.


Article Comment frank commented at 10/20/2010 1:56:00 PM:

Severstal alone was a $980,000,000.00 project. That's almost a billion dollar plant brought to Lowndes County! Add the other industries and businesses and you are approaching 2 BILLION dollars.

$220K a year is very resonable when you're getting results. There are neighboring communities paying around $100K a year to economic developers with much less to show for it. Count your blessings.


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